The Living Trees treasure these artists. We would love to tell you about them and their impact on the world.

Jenni Carr

Mary Beth

Byan Divisons

The Living Trees see these artist as Creative Superheros. They care about taking care of the planet we all share that will one day be passed down to the future generations. You won't just see them at the river leaving trash rather they are the ones picking it up. You will see them giving offerings and doing gratitude prayers to the waters that give us and all plants life.  They work with youth in undeveloped communities and cities where there is a need. Anytime a child has approached them looking for an outlet, even in their day to day lives, they have been a mentor and offered their time and hearts to support anyway they can. They also know the power of "Play" and the impact it has even outside a clinical therapy environment for not just children but adults as well. They share from their own experience what all these things mean and have done for them so stay tuned for bios and social media links for each artist so you can follow their work and journey!

Sponsored artist receive discounts on The Living Trees products, assistance with artist development and discounts on gear and props needed for their art-form. It is an honor to serve these amazing artist anyway we can! Together We Grow! Together We Flow!

We believe in supporting artist that align with our Core Values so that we can Grow Together and carry out our mission to transform wellness worldwide in the most creative ways possible!

Now we are going to throw you a "curve ball." I bet you think because we offer artist development services and host events that we care only about performance right? Not really ;-) Although that is half of it and a great empowerment tool, here at The Living Trees we are looking for Creative Superheros that are going the extra mile for our planet and the future generation.

What makes us different is that we would rather have artist that are working on bettering themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually vs skills alone. Our artist have tested first hand how being connected with nature helps better themselves. They love promoting and using herbal medicine and their creative forms don't just shine on stage but off the stage as well. They share their wisdom and knowledge with children in local communities, clean rivers, and inspire everyone they connect with to awaken to their highest potential and True self. 


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